Press Release

Introducing YOOBIC NEO, a Powerful AI Coach to Scale and Personalize the Frontline Employee Experience


NEW YORK, June 22, 2023YOOBIC, the all-in-one Frontline Employee Experience Platform (FEXP), today announced that it is launching YOOBIC NEO, a suite of AI tools that will redefine how organizations engage, train and communicate with their frontline teams. Natively integrated with YOOBIC’s existing workflow, these AI features will deliver unprecedented productivity gains for admins and managers, while providing personalized employee experiences for each deskless worker based on their individual behaviors, performance goals and learning patterns.  

"We are witnessing a watershed moment — the dawn of AI and its profound implications for the future of frontline workers," said Fabrice Haiat, co-founder and CEO of YOOBIC. "AI not only unleashes productivity, but also helps foster a nurturing work environment with enhanced communications and training that encourage career growth and reduce attrition rates. Organizations armed with AI-powered insights are equipped to navigate the evolving business landscape with agility and foresight. Those who lag behind in adopting these AI tools will inevitably be left in the dust.”

"AI is no longer just an aspiration in the retail sector; it's a reality reshaping every facet of the industry," said Leslie Hand, Group Vice President for IDC Retail Insights. "Beyond personalized recommendations and inventory predictions, AI is also creating a smart, responsive, data-driven framework for employee and workforce management. By transforming multiple dimensions of retail operations, AI is setting a new standard in retail, driving both efficiency and growth.”

Intelligent Communications within Content Moderation

With the upcoming YOOBIC NEO Writer, users can create a high volume of consistent, top-quality, and engaging content, which is essential to drive employee adoption and engagement. The features offer a diverse selection of AI prompts and custom commands, with settings to define tone, format, and length of posts, which provides the ability to create scalable content that resonates with different employee audience groups, while staying aligned with internal communication objectives. 

Following the successful rollout of the YOOBIC Communities feature where frontline workers can communicate within their common-interest networks and micro-communities, YOOBIC NEO Moderator will also be introduced to automatically flag inappropriate posts or comments to maintain a respectful environment. This automatic content moderation tool encourages more open participation from frontline employees, fostering an even stronger community and enhancing a more vibrant exchange of ideas and information.

Personalized Employee Training Programs at Scale

The new YOOBIC NEO L&D Designer will revolutionize the way L&D and corporate teams develop training material for frontline workers, which is traditionally time-consuming and costly, allowing them to convert existing content, including videos or ungated webpages, into impactful and engaging courses and quizzes quickly. This will result in a drastic reduction in the time to create training programs by more than 75%.

Regularly updated, dynamic learning content acts as a springboard for employee engagement, cultivating a vibrant learning culture within the organization. The curriculum will be intelligently tailored to each frontline employee's specific job requirements, past performance, and learning behaviors, leveraging machine learning algorithms. This approach ensures a bespoke learning experience, prioritizing individual needs over a generic, one-size-fits-all solution, and automatically selects the most suitable learning content to promote upskilling and knowledge retention.

Predictive Sales Performance and Smart Recommendations

Capitalizing on its comprehensive integration with key physical retail software like POS and staffing scheduling systems, YOOBIC's all-in-one platform offers a synergistic correlation between communication, training, operational efficiency, and sales performance. Enhancing this further, YOOBIC provides innovative AI Sales Performance tools. This predictive mechanism will automatically identify inconsistencies in sales patterns, comparing them across stores through the creation of dynamic clustering offering unprecedented insights.

YOOBIC NEO SKU Performance will not only identify which store or operation areas are responsible for sales declines but can also suggest precise corrective actions with its YOOBIC NEO Next Best Action tool. For example, pinpointing an incomplete new store merchandising task and automatically recommending a remedy or pinpointing a SKU underselling in a store and sending a message and a task to check on the status of the item in the store e.g. out of stock, in the backroom or not displayed properly. With this smart virtual coach a few taps away on their YOOBIC app, frontline employees are empowered to anticipate issues, take pre-emptive action, and excel in their roles, all under the guidance of AI-driven insights.


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