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YOOBIC Caps a Remarkable Year with Triple Recognition

YOOBIC's frontline employee experience platform celebrates industry acclaim for AI-driven learning, empowerment of frontline workers, and optimized retail operations

December 19, 2023 // YOOBIC, the all-in-one frontline employee experience platform, is proud to announce a series of accolades to conclude a highly successful year marked by growth, product innovation, and industry recognition. With its mobile-first approach and cutting-edge use of artificial intelligence (AI), YOOBIC is delivering solutions that streamline and optimize essential workflows across communications, training, and task management in an experience tailored to today’s deskless employees.

“2023 has been a year of significant achievements and recognition for YOOBIC. We are honored to be acknowledged in this last quarter alone by three leading industry analysts: Training Industry, RedThread Research, and Forrester,” said Fabrice Haiat, CEO and co-founder of YOOBIC. “These plaudits underscore our dedication to pushing the boundaries of digital workplace solutions, empowering organizations and their frontline workers with game-changing technologies. As we move forward, we remain committed to innovation, excellence, and providing unparalleled value to our clients.”

Training Industry applauds YOOBIC's AI-powered learning tech

In October, Training Industry, a source of information on the business of learning, included YOOBIC in its recent Top Advanced Learning Technologies List. The acknowledgment was based on a thorough analysis of the capabilities, experience, and expertise of various L&D providers, and recognizes those at the forefront of learning technology — particularly when it comes to the application of AI.

A prime example of YOOBIC's AI-powered advancements is NEO L&D Designer, a groundbreaking tool that utilizes generative AI technology to revolutionize the training content creation process. This innovation streamlines the transformation of existing material into engaging courses and quizzes, slashing training program development time by over 75%. YOOBIC's AI integration isn’t just about efficiency, but also agility, enabling the easy dissemination of up-to-date, relevant training to a large, dispersed workforce. This is a key advantage when responding to market shifts, new protocols, and competitive pressures. 

Another major development is the personalization of curriculum using machine learning algorithms. NEO delivers training content according to each frontline employee's performance and learning behaviors. This focus on personalized learning ensures a bespoke experience over a one-size-fits-all approach, promoting upskilling and knowledge retention by automatically selecting the most relevant learning opportunities. 

RedThread Research places YOOBIC at the heart of frontline tech empowerment

In November, RedThread Research, a provider of people analytics, HR technology, and performance management services, placed YOOBIC at the center of its Venn diagram of technology developers that empower frontline workers with digital tools. 

RedThread’s “Frontline Tech: Designed for Frontline Workers” report looked at 112 providers and found that, despite the economic turbulence of 2023, the frontline technology space had grown strongly over the last twelve months — a trend that’s likely to continue in 2024. YOOBIC was distinguished among a select group of vendors recognized for their support of the three things that RedThread analysts believe “all frontline workers should be enabled to do”: perform, learn and grow, and feel engaged and included.

YOOBIC helps frontline workers excel by providing a unified digital platform that streamlines their workflows, facilitates mobile task access and completion, and drives operational consistency. To foster learning and growth, YOOBIC offers a central hub for bite-sized, on-the-job training content that features gamified elements and a high degree of personalization. As for engagement and inclusion, YOOBIC fosters a sense of community through social media-style newsfeeds, messaging, and peer recognition, connecting teams across roles, locations, and regions. 

Forrester highlights YOOBIC in the frontline retail digital solutions space

Forrester, a leading global market research company, featured YOOBIC in its “The Store Associate Tools Landscape Q4 2023” report, which lists 18 notable vendors in the frontline digital workforce solutions space. 

According to Forrester, the core functions of store associate tools (SATs) include task management, labor efficiency optimization, and streamlined communication and collaboration. These capabilities play a crucial role in enhancing operational excellence and productivity across all retail locations.

In addition to recognizing YOOBIC's proficiency in these core functions, Forrester also emphasizes its extended use cases to address retailers’ particular needs. These involve sophisticated analytics for measuring associate engagement, advanced digital training tools for associate onboarding and development, and robust support for store policy compliance, highlighting YOOBIC's comprehensive approach to enhancing retail operations.


YOOBIC is an all-in-one frontline employee experience platform. Our mobile app gives business leaders and frontline teams the performance tools they need to communicate, learn, and work—all in one place. With streamlined communications, mobile learning, and digitized task management, YOOBIC drives operational excellence while drastically improving the frontline employee working experience. 350+ companies around the world including Boots, BurgerFi, Lancôme, Lacoste, Lidl, Logitech, Peloton, Puma, and Vans trust YOOBIC to improve operational consistency and agility, get real-time visibility into multi-location business execution, and improve customer experience. To learn more about YOOBIC, visit or follow us on LinkedIn.