30 pts

increase in VM compliance rate across
the Sandro Europe stores (from 65% to 85%)


store response time instead of
6 hours before YOOBIC


more visibility across the European
store network


Fashion retail

Company size:

1600+ points of sale globally

Use cases:

  • Store Communications
  • Task Management

Main challenges:

  • Standardizing and homogenizing processes
  • Emphasizing Regional Manager and HQ follow-up and coaching
  • Improving efficiency, agility and communication

About SMCP

SMCP is a French fashion group operating through 4 brands: Sandro, Maje, Claudie Pierlot and Fursac. With stores in 43 countries and 6,000 collaborators across the world, SMCP Group brings affordable Parisian luxury to a diverse range of customers. Since its creation, SMCP has experienced very significant growth and turnover has multiplied by five since 2010.

Start empowering your frontline teams with YOOBIC today

SMCP Group was looking for a way to align and elevate in-store execution, engage employees and improve visibility globally across their 3 historical brands. By partnering with YOOBIC, SMCP Group has amplified the voice of their store teams and significantly boosted employee engagement while increasing compliance across their network.

The entire organization is now more connected, aligning store processes with high-level business outcomes and giving HQ enhanced visibility into store operations. SMCP can now act more cohesively and dynamically as a business and will use this efficiency to continue to fuel its growth.

With YOOBIC, our brands have increased in-store productivity and have taken retail execution to higher standards”


Lorraine Ferreira
Strategy Director of SMCP Group


Absence of fluid interaction between stores and the rest of the organization created 3 main challenges for SMCP brands:

  • Unstandardized use of processes and tools: It was impossible to consistently achieve retail excellence as every team was using different tools and processes.

  • Limited operational communication: The use of communication platforms which limited and fragmented communication meant that expectations, instructions, and reports on performance weren’t always clear.

  • Lack of visibility into operational execution across the store network: There was no real-time visibility into store compliance with brand standards and store employees didn’t have a clear vision of how they could contribute to organizational goals.

The YOOBIC platform is more approachable & playful, teams feel more at ease using it on a daily basis to complete their tasks.”

Benjamin Blanchard
Regional Director, Maje France

The YOOBIC Solution

With YOOBIC, SMCP digitized and centralized all retail processes and communications between stores, regional teams, and HQ.

  • Clearly communicated task instructions increase in-store compliance: Digitized task instructions with images attached set clear expectations for store teams and show them exactly what they need to do to contribute to business goals.
  • Store teams feel empowered and engaged: Store teams can work more productively with continuous two-way communication with HQ. They have a stronger voice within the organization, so feel more connected to the brand.SMCP-yoobic
  • Data that previously would have been scattered across platforms is contained in one cohesive hub: YOOBIC automatically categorizes data by campaign and makes it visible across the whole network in real-time, allowing the business to be more agile and reactive, which has improved the standard of retail excellence over time.


  • 30 points increase in VM compliance rate across the Sandro Europe stores - from 65% to 95%
  • Store response time cut from 6 hours to 2 hours
  • 5x more visibility across the 2 hours European store network
  • 1.5 hours saved on each store visit for Regional Managers
  • 10,000 sheets of paper saved per year