increase in training course completion compared to the previous platform
Exceeded target of 14% conversion rate
across the store network
90% of retail employees use YOOBIC
on a weekly basis


Fashion and Homeware retail

Company size:

750 stores globally, 1600+ employees

Use cases:

  • Mobile Learning
  • Task Management

Main challenges:

  • Disconnected store teams
  • Low adoption of training courses
  • Lack of centralized visibility into store operations

About GANT

GANT has been an international brand from the beginning, founded in 1949 by a Ukrainian immigrant, Bernard Gantmacher, in Connecticut. Initially establishing an identity as purveyors of tailored men’s shirts, their splashes of color and signature rolled collar became synonymous with Ivy League collegiate fashion. As the decades of success rolled on, they expanded into womenswear, childrenswear and homeware and now operate in over 70 countries with headquarters in both New Haven and Stockholm.

Start empowering your frontline teams with YOOBIC today

GANT were on the hunt for a new way to empower their store teams to be the best possible ambassadors of their brand. As they rapidly expanded, GANT were looking for a way to foster a strong company culture and ensure a consistently exceptional customer experience in every GANT store globally.

With YOOBIC, GANT’s store employees feel empowered with knowledge at their fingertips and are demonstrably more engaged as part of a global digital community. Corporate and HQ teams have a clear line of sight across their entire store network, allowing them to improve sales conversion and consistently achieve retail excellence.

By using YOOBIC, we have our store associates in Shanghai giving tips and engaging with our store associates in Paris. We truly believe this creates a sense of belonging and being part of a greater community."


Maria Klingh
Global Retail Director, GANT


When it came to the experience of their store employees, GANT were experiencing 3 main challenges:

  • Disconnected store teams: To build a sense of community, store teams needed a way to share knowledge across locations, access company content and interact with each other in an engaging way.

  • Low adoption of training courses: GANT needed training that was empowering, accessible and aligned with their motto: “Never Stop Learning”. But the tool they used was failing to engage employees with learning content.

  • Lack of centralized visibility into store operations: Variation in store processes across regions and restricted visibility over the global store network made it difficult to ensure a consistent customer experience worldwide.

YOOBIC is very user-friendly and really reminds store teams of social media, which they’re very accustomed to navigating. So questions around where to find information, how to navigate around the tool and all of those types of support questions have almost disappeared.” 

Maria Klingh, Global Retail Director at GANT


The YOOBIC Solution

With YOOBIC, GANT centralized all information sharing between stores, regional teams and HQ, established a global digital community of employees and embedded learning into their store teams’ working day.

  • Connecting a global community: The YOOBIC app gives every employee the opportunity to share their knowledge and connect across borders via the newsfeed and comments sections which are automatically translated into the user's native language.
  • Engaging employees with continuous learning
    opportunities: Training content is now delivered in fun and engaging microlearning courses that are accessible to employees in the flow of work.
  • Driving operational excellence through real-time visibility: YOOBIC provides a standardized way to communicate with stores and capture store data on a worldwide scale. Consistent two-way communication with stores in every location and access to real-time store data enables the whole organization to be more agile and maximizes compliance.



  • 30% increase in training course completion compared to the previous platform
  • Increased employee engagement score
  • 90% of retail employees use YOOBIC on a weekly basis
  • Exceeded target of 14% conversion rate across the store network