Press Release

Francesca’s Gives Boutiques a Digital Makeover With YOOBIC ONE


NEW YORK, May 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Top women’s boutique business francesca’s today announced that it is deploying YOOBIC ONE, the leading digital workplace solution, to streamline operations, improve employee experience, and unlock new efficiencies across its network of 470 boutiques. The game-changing platform will give francesca’s 3,000 frontline employees innovative new two-way communication, learning, and productivity optimization tools, while providing local, district, and regional managers with AI-powered business intelligence and full visibility into all aspects of the company’s performance across their network of stores. 

The move builds on francesca’s post-pandemic pivot into omnichannel sales, with an increased DTC presence underpinned by a national network of boutiques spread across 45 states. Using YOOBIC ONE’s mobile-first solution will help francesca’s engage, support, and motivate frontline employees to maximize efficiency and create more value, using automation to handle simple or repetitive tasks, and enabling real-time learning, collaboration, and communication to find creative, on-brand solutions to more complex problems. 

“At francesca’s, we strive every day to celebrate and connect with guests authentically, and to use fashion to build meaningful local relationships — and with YOOBIC ONE, we’re giving our frontline teams the tools to do just that,” said Chris Kaighn, francesca’s SVP of Boutiques, Real Estate, and Strategic Partnerships. “We all know how complex it is to run a brick and mortar store. Investing in frontline teams is the key to delivering amazing experiences — and that starts with giving employees the resources they need to work smarter, share their ideas, and win over the hearts of our valued guests.”

Francesca’s managers can use YOOBIC ONE to quickly generate and share content, motivating teams by giving all employees access to up-to-date policies regarding everything from safety procedures to new products and in-store promotions. Managers also benefit from YOOBIC ONE’s powerful business insights, with automated and real-time AI-powered intelligence into network-wide operational performance, and full visibility into everything from big-picture trends to ground-level details. 

About 3,000 of francesca’s frontline team-members are now using YOOBIC’s app to communicate, manage tasks, access information and skill-based training tools, enabling teams to keep on learning, growing, and working effectively no matter where they’re based. 

As francesca’s expands its network in coming months, YOOBIC ONE will help the company scale its workforce and rapidly onboard talent without compromising quality of service. The platform will also help managers to ensure excellent experiences no matter where customers encounter the brand — from the company’s existing network of boutiques, to future partnerships with women- and minority-run small businesses, and cruise ships and luxury hotels.

“Francesca’s brand purpose is ‘Free to be you’, and YOOBIC ONE supports that by enabling sales associates to bring their best selves to work each and every day, creating value for the company and delivering stellar experiences for customers,” says Fabrice Haiat, YOOBIC co-founder and CEO. “With effortless onboarding and a true one-stop workplace solution, we’re making it easier for employees to collaborate and do great work, and for managers to boost engagement and productivity as part of a strategic growth plan. For francesca’s, the best is yet to come — and we’re thrilled to be supporting their frontline workers as they write the next chapter in their company’s story.” 


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