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Increase in daily and weekly tasks
completed within the first month
of launching YOOBIC
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Club compliance rate with
operational standards
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Daily, weekly and monthly tasks
completed to date

Industry: Gym

Company size: 184 locations

Use cases:

  • Task Management

Main challenges:

  • Unstandardized task management across clubs, leading to an inconsistent member experience
  • Lack of regional and HQ team visibility into club performance

About Fitness World

Fitness World is Denmark’s largest chain of fitness centers, with more than 470,000 members and 184 centers. Fitness World’s vision is to enable as many people as possible to improve their health and lifestyle in an informal and cozy atmosphere - and at a price everyone can afford.

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Fitness World was looking for a platform to standardize operations across their 184 clubs in order to achieve a member experience that was both consistent and compliant with HQ standards.

After partnering with YOOBIC, task execution has improved, and regional and field teams have gained the visibility they need to support each club and improve performance. Fitness World’s compliance with stringent COVID-19 regulations issued by the government has also improved.

What we want to do at Fitness World is provide the best possible experience to all our members, and that was difficult to do when we didn’t have one way of doing everything."


Daniella Katic
Project Coordinator at Fitness World


Fitness World was running into two main roadblocks that stood in the way of perfecting their member experience.

  • No standardized way of completing daily and weekly gym tasks: gym staff struggled to find instructions that were stored on multiple platforms or on paper and were completing tasks in different ways.

  • Lack of visibility into club performance: HQ teams had no easy way of knowing which tasks had been completed, and not enough data with which to help struggling clubs improve.

After an in-depth analysis of the market, Fitness World chose YOOBIC to help them deliver the compliant, consistent and high quality member experience they knew they could achieve.

It was difficult to manage a club as a regional manager, because you couldn’t see if the tasks were done. It’s difficult to manage people doing a task in 100 different ways."

Daniella Katic, Project Coordinator at Fitness World

The YOOBIC Solution

With YOOBIC, Fitness World digitized all checklists, tasks and audits.

Gym staff now access tasks, view instructions and complete checklists on the YOOBIC app.

All operational data from clubs, as well as audit reports and scores, are pulled into dashboards that give field and HQ teams a real-time overview of performance across the club network.

With the help of the YOOBIC customer success team, Fitness World HQ began digitizing tasks and checklists early in 2020. However, the mandatory closure of gyms across the country meant that YOOBIC was rolled out on June 11th 2020 - the first day gyms were permitted to reopen in Denmark, and 2 months earlier than originally anticipated.

After just a week of preparation, Fitness World rolled out YOOBIC and received great feedback from staff across their locations.



  • 63% increase in daily and weekly tasks completed within the first month of launching YOOBIC

  • 93% club compliance rate with operational standards

  • 180,000 daily, weekly and monthly tasks completed to date