Industry: Luxury fashion

Company size: 150 boutiques

Use cases:

  • Communication
  • Learning

Main challenges:

  • Traditional LMS with low training adoption
  • Hard to create and launch training programs
  • Disconnected store teams
  • Lack of courses in multiple languages, especially for Asia

About Moschino

Moschino is an Italian luxury fashion house founded in 1983 by Franco Moschino in Milan. With boutiques worldwide, the company is known for beautiful, extravagant designs and specializes in ready-towear, handbags, and fashion accessories. Moschino has also created outfits for iconic pop legends Madonna and Lady Gaga for their world tours.

Start empowering your frontline teams with YOOBIC today

The world of luxury fashion moves fast, especially for global tastemaker Moschino. It knows its store teams have got to be just as quick when it comes to evolving their knowledge and customer service. That’s why Moschino’s number one priority was finding a tool that would make store team training smarter, faster, and highly engaging.

Moschino’s main impediment was its existing LMS: It wasn’t built for training deskless workers. Instead, store employees were required to leave the floor and sit in front of a computer screen for hours. This process was unrealistic and expensive for efficient store operations. As a result, training completion was low. Feedback from the field revealed dissatisfaction with Moschino’s learning platform and program. This prompted Moschino's Global Retail Training Manager, Luca Trignano, to seek a more effective and engaging training solution.

My goal was to find a training tool that is smarter, more user friendly, and most of all, available on every smartphone. YOOBIC gives us that. It has become a fundamental tool for our store teams at Moschino.”


Luca Trignano

Global Retail Training Manager, Moschino

Challenges before YOOBIC:

  • Traditional LMS with low training adoption of training: Moschino needed a tool for training that was built for frontline workers on the go, enabled microlearning, and was engaging and fun for the team.

  • Hard to create and launch training programs: Feedback from the field was that courses were too long, and the learning program was not good. The Moschino team needed a solution that would enable content creation and training course development that was fast and easy to use.

  • Disconnected store teams: As a global luxury brand, Moschino wanted to create a global sense of community across the store network and provide a way for store consultants to share ideas, their creativity, and their personal style.  

  • Lack of courses in multiple languages, especially for Asia: Adopting training courses for multiple regions and languages was a challenge. There were no resources in the LMS for Asian languages, so the GMs were left to create their own training. The result was inconsistencies in branding and in-store execution. 

We needed a way to make our store team training more engaging and successful. When I found YOOBIC, it was a no-brainer” 

Luca Trignano, Global Retail Training Manager, Moschino

The YOOBIC Solution

Moschino YOOBIC Learning Communication AppYOOBIC’s social media-like look and feel caught Luca’s attention for its user-friendly interface — and with its native content builder inside the platform — Luca realized it would be much easier to develop engaging, relevant microlearning content quickly.

Not only that, with YOOBIC’s robust language translation capabilities, Luca would finally be able to successfully deploy learning programs globally — something Moschino hadn’t been able to do.

Learning and development looks very different now for Moschino. With YOOBIC, it creates and deploys shorter, more engaging training courses and contests that store employees enjoy completing. Moschino can launch new training programs across every one of the boutiques globally, including Asia. Luca has set up dedicated spaces, called Communities, inside the app for employees to connect across time zones, share their knowledge, creativity, and insights, and support each other’s learning journey. Now, training is up to 98% completion across the entire 150+ boutique network.


  • Training program completion increased to 98% across the store network with YOOBIC.
  • Communication and learning are managed and deployed globally, thanks to the translation tool in the platform.
  • Global training has been launched to store teams in Asian countries for the first time.
  • Store teams report being excited about training, with an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 on courses.
  • Store employees are more engaged with the company and each other because of the YOOBIC app.