Use cases:

  • Mobile Learning
  • Communication
  • Task Management

Main challenges:

  • Paper-based operational procedures & checklists
  • Using multiple solutions & apps to communicate with their restaurants
  • No solution to effectively deliver training to their frontline teams

About Bolay

Bolay is one of the fastest-growing fast-casual concepts in the US. Founded in 2016 by Chris Gannon and his father, Tim Gannon, one of the co-founders of Outback Steakhouse, Bolay offers fresh, flavorful, and nutritious food inspired by the flavors of the world. Bolay's mission is to bring healthy and delicious food options to the fast-casual dining space with a focus on high-quality ingredients and bold flavors. Additionally, Bolay is committed to giving back to the community through its Bolay Bold program, which supports local charities and organizations.

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Founded in 2016 by Chris Gannon, the fast-casual restaurant chain Bolay has rapidly expanded. As a growing brand, Bolay quickly encountered challenges when it came to effectively communicating with its frontline teams and ensuring that its standards were consistently followed in every location. Bolay wanted to find a solution to make their frontline teams life easier and that would support them to perform at their best.

After evaluating various technologies, Bolay decided to implement YOOBIC's Frontline Employee Experience Platform because it was the only one that provided an all-in-one solution to streamline communication, distribute training materials, and digitize operations. With YOOBIC, Bolay now speaks with a single voice, driving operational excellence and ensuring a consistent high-quality guest experience across all of its restaurants.

YOOBIC has contributed to the success of our teams by providing an all-in-one platform where we can communicate, engage and operate with excellence. There are many solutions out there, but unlike the rest, YOOBIC has delivered all that was promised in the initial partnership negotiations."


Samantha Rubino
Director of Operational Excellence

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As it was expanding, Bolay wanted to make sure it was delivering the same consistent experience across all its locations. However, Bolay faced several challenges in communicating effectively with its team members and ensuring efficient operations, including: 

  •  Inefficient use of paper checklists, making reporting on compliance and tracking progress difficult
  • Lack of a unified communication system to speak with one voice and reach all team members from the support center
  • No training solution for their restaurant teams, all the onboarding and training was done in person, which was slow and costly

To address these challenges and make their frontline teams' day-to-day easier Bolay needed an all-in-one solution that would enable effective communication, training, and operational checklists.

I use YOOBIC every day as a way to organize my thoughts and what I need to do. It's a way to keep our team in the loop and to keep our guests safe. It's very easy. It's like having a little buddy in my pocket that tells me when I need to do a checklist."

Christopher Connelly, Restaurant Manager at Bolay

The YOOBIC Solution

The YOOBIC platform offered the perfect solution for Bolay as it provides a user-friendly, all-in-one, solution for communication, training, and checklists, enabling Bolay to maintain consistency and quality as it continued to grow and expand across the country.

Bolay's frontline team members can access all the resources they need to organize their day-to-day and perform their job, directly from the YOOBIC app:

  • Employee Communication:
With YOOBIC, Bolay's HQ teams can communicate directly with their frontline teams, and share inspirational content and company news, ensuring all employees are kept in the loop. All team members can also interact with each other and the management teams, so they are able to have their voices heard.

  • Onboarding & Training:
The Bolay support center at the head office can easily create and distribute short training courses, videos, and quizzes when new procedures or new menu items are launched. Restaurant teams have access to all the training content at all times if they need a refresher. This enabled Bolay to decrease the onboarding time by half and empower their team members to execute at their best.

  • Operational Processes & Checklists:
Frontline team members now complete all their operational checklists through the YOOBIC app. This makes it easier and faster for them to follow quality & brand standards while giving HQ teams a real-time overview of compliance across their restaurants. With digitized operational processes, Bolay's health scores have increased tremendously as they ensure every restaurant follows the different state and local laws.

By implementing YOOBIC, Bolay has transformed the experience of its frontline teams and empowered them to perform their best every day. By doing so, they can guarantee that every Bolay customer receives the same consistent, high-quality guest experience regardless of which restaurant they visit.



  •  Onboarding time decreased by half
  •  Increased restaurants' health inspection scores
  •  Enhanced employee engagement
  •  Increased operational compliance & consistency