See why 200+ businesses are using YOOBIC

  • Make every employee more productive with digitized, streamlined task management
  • Onboard, train and up-skill your teams faster and better
  • Create an engaged community with interactive internal communications

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Release the power of your frontline teams

YOOBIC enables companies to empower their frontline teams with a one-stop mobile platform for task management, communication, and training.

"With YOOBIC, we have real-time visibility into what’s happening in our stores. Before, it would sometimes take us months to recognize we had a problem, with YOOBIC we can see it very quickly."
Andrew Armstrong
Field Vice President of Sales
"We use YOOBIC for all our day-to-day activities - from stock controlling to operations, from product training to inductions for new starters. We save so much time and energy so we can focus it on what actually matters.“
Andrea Dorotovics
Store Manager
"YOOBIC has helped us optimize communications and visibility across our store network. We've improved all our retail processes, and by extension, customer satisfaction and experience.”
Livio Tabbi
Retail Director Europe
"I don’t think we have ever rolled out a platform that’s been met with such high praise. When employees were given YOOBIC, and they saw the gamification of it, they just dove right in."
Kate Knecht
Brand Director

Task Management

YOOBIC digitizes tasks for frontline teams - everything from checklists and audits to standard operating procedures. You gain a real-time overview of operational execution so you can easily analyze compliance and take action faster.

  • Efficient Task Execution
  • Digital Checklists & Audits
  • Unified Health & Safety Routines
  • Streamlined Standard Operating Procedures


Mobile Learning

Continuously improve employees' skills through collaborative, gamified mobile learning that’s tailored to today’s modern workforce.

  • Gamified Microlearning Courses
  • Collaborative Social Learning
  • Motivating Incentives and Challenges
  • SCORM-Compliant Content Integration


Connect your entire workforce to keep them engaged and informed through effective employee communication.

  • Personalized Newsfeed
  • Professional Communication Tools
  • Digital Document Library
  • Polls & Employee Feedback Surveys


Full Accessibility

Access YOOBIC from anywhere on all your devices: mobile, tablet or laptop.

Increased Agility

Communicate efficiently and make changes quickly to adjust to an ever-changing environment.

Real-Time Visibility

Get an overview of how your teams are performing and where to provide support.