Retail and hospitality teams are at the heart of our community, it’s not a business like any other. We’d love to share this passion for these industries with you.

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“Take care of your employees and they will take care of your business. It’s as simple as that.”
— Richard Branson

Retail and hospitality teams are at the heart of our community, it’s not a business like any other. I share this passion for these industries with you, and many talented people out there.

I created YOOBIC eight years ago with my two brothers because we realized that although frontline teams represented 80% of workers, only 1% of IT investments were directed to them. A huge contradiction we wanted to help retail and hospitality organizations address.

Since then, the pandemic hit, putting the spotlight on frontline workers and bringing major digital transformation initiatives to the retail industry. Frontline teams were called “heroes,” and rightly so, but what is left of this sentiment now? Are we doing more than paying lip service to frontline teams?

When speaking to these organizations today, it is encouraging to notice that frontline teams’ enablement and engagement are high on the agenda. Times have changed, quoting one leaders’ punchline that hit home with me, “The days where the cash register was the most advanced tech in a store are over.”

At YOOBIC, we are on a mission to make a better everyday life at work for these teams and make retail careers attractive beyond the so called “Big Quit” doom. We believe frontline workers are knowledge workers that deserve the right information and resources to perform their best to deliver impactful results for their organization.

It’s refreshing to witness – in the, “Retail in America” tour we’re proud to sponsor – that there are a lot of talented people across the country who love working in retail and are proud of their career. Our job as retail leaders is to make them successful.

I would love to hear your thoughts,

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Fabrice Haiat
CEO and co-founder of YOOBIC

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YOOBIC is an all-in-one Frontline Employee Experience Platform. Our AI-Powered app gives business leaders and frontline teams the performance tools they need to communicate, learn, and work — all in one place.

350+ companies around the world including Boots, BurgerFi, Lancôme, Lacoste, Levi’s, Logitech, Peloton, Puma, and Vans trust YOOBIC to improve operational consistency and agility, get real-time visibility into multi-location business execution, and improve customer experience. Curious to learn more?

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