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How to Cut Costs and Improve Retail Store Performance


COVID-19 has completely disrupted brick and mortar retail. Every retailer is jostling to adapt and stay one step ahead of the curve and running retail stores is more costly than ever.

But could this actually be a unique opportunity for retail to reinvent itself to make stores more efficient and cost-effective than ever before?

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how to shift the way you operate stores to rapidly adapt to retail’s new reality.

We cover the major shifts that have fundamentally altered retail since the beginning of the pandemic.

You’ll also learn 4 concrete ways you can use technology to cut the costs of operating retail stores - while improving performance instead of sacrificing it.


Stuart Johnson

VP Client Partnership, YOOBIC

Virginia Gerlardin

Client Director North America, YOOBIC

Brad Capon

Client Director EMEA, YOOBIC

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