Remote Store Visits:

Why and how to use them in the COVID era


Even if most stores and restaurants have reopened all over the world, the crisis is far from over. Protecting customer and employee health in-store is paramount, but so is providing an outstanding customer experience. These priorities put a lot of pressure on frontline teams.

To best support them, retail and hospitality companies must find agile new ways to manage store operations remotely, which maximize efficiency while relying far less on person-to-person contact.

Watch our webinar on why and how to implement remote store visits and audits as part of a new operating strategy that safeguards health, improves employee performance and make your organization more agile - whatever the future holds.


Jenna Goldstein YOOBIC
Jenna Goldstein

Client Director North America, YOOBIC

Cynthia Wambua YOOBIC
Cynthia Wambua

Customer Success Manager, YOOBIC

Ali Khan

Head of Business Development, YOOBIC

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