Overcoming The Retail Labor Crunch: How To Invest In Employees To Attract And Keep Top Talent

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Across Europe and North America, job vacancies are outpacing job candidates by as much as 1.8x, giving workers unprecedented choice and leverage in where they bring their skills. Retail, already notorious for high-turnover, is one of the three hardest-hit industries. Just two years ago, frontline retail workers were celebrated as heroes, yet today many are facing limited career opportunities. When Forrester examines data on talent across six countries, we find that employees at all levels and in all industries are influenced by a core set of motivators that answer the question: What will this job do for me?

In this session with guest speaker James McQuivey, Forrester's Future of Work research director, you'll learn:

  • Where the labor crunch stands today, across the board and in retail. How big is the talent challenge? How long will it last? And what are companies doing today to address it?
  • Why investing in employees -- their success today, their development tomorrow -- is the solid path to long-term retention. What does it look like when a company invests in the tools, processes, and cultural characteristics that support workers at all levels? How does this cultivate talent attraction and retention?
  • How to equip individual leaders and managers to support the shift from supervising to coaching the workforce. Can today's managers become tomorrow's success-enablers? What does that transition look like for them?

Guest Speaker


James McQuivey, PhD

VP Research Director, Future of Work



Gary Dietz

Product Marketing Manager



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