Global Recognition for YOOBIC Customers + Frontline Teams

Winners announced!

Showcase your outstanding frontline employee experience through our world-class awards program


Your business is powered by frontline leaders and teams who take pride in delivering outstanding customer experiences every day.

That kind of dedication deserves a global celebration!

YOOBIC’s Frontline Excellence Awards is an annual search for the pioneering individuals and teams within our customer community, who are improving their frontline experience through exceptional strategy, teamwork, and dedication. 

Through 12 prestigious award categories, you'll have the chance to: 

  • Honor the remarkable achievements of your teams on a global platform
  • Gain industry recognition as an employee experience trailblazer
  • Build motivation, engagement, and pride among frontline teams
  • Attract and retain top frontline talent
  • Grow your network of industry visionaries and leaders 


Award Prize Package

Each winner receives ample recognition for their achievement. 



An eye-catching, custom engraved award with the award category and winner’s name



Feature interview broadcasted on YOOBIC’s digital channels to share their inspirational story



High-quality printed award certificate to display with their team



Digital promotion package to help announce the exciting news to their audience

How It Feels to Win

Winner of the 2022
Frontline Hero of
the Year Award


“It's wonderful that you recognize us, the frontline heroes of retail. Sometimes we feel forgotten about. It just feels good because we work very hard. When I received the award, I said, ‘hard work really does pay off.’”

Sara Cosentino, Store Manager, Adore Me

Winner of the 2022
Chief YOOBIC Officer
of the Year Award


“Super honoured to be selected as Chief Yoobic Officer of the Year, out of a great selection of peers in other companies. Thank you everyone involved for the great opportunity!”

Tim Goossens, Sr. Manager Central Retail Operations Excellence & Activation, VF Corporation

Winner of the 2022
Game Changer of
the Year Award


"I am really honoured! I have been part of the RDTS-YOOBIC collaboration since the beginning so this is a good recognition of my efforts. We have communicated about this award internally but also to our customers."

Simon Trottier-Lacasse, Operational Excellence Director, RDTS

Winner of the 2022
Frontline Communication Program of the Year Award


“It's a fantastic award because it really celebrates frontline teams, which are the most important players in the success of any retail company.”

Karin Magnusson, Global Head of Retail Training, GANT

Winner of the 2022
Frontline Learning
Program of the Year


"Winning this award is one of my proudest moments. I'm really happy that the hard work of my team is being recognized!"

Ruhshana Parker, Divisional VM Manager, Sportscene

Winner of the 2022
District Manager
of the Year Award


“Getting an award for doing something that you love… I can’t even describe the feeling — it was amazing! It really touched me and it made my year.”

Paula Angelucci, District Manager, Adore Me

Award Categories

Six outstanding individuals and six stellar teams will be publicly recognized for their roles in building the future of frontline excellence. 


Chief YOOBIC Officer of the Year

A senior executive or director who has made a substantial impact on their organization's success by leveraging YOOBIC to achieve exceptional business results

Transformation Leader of the Year

A visionary leader who successfully championed the deployment of YOOBIC in order to drive business transformation and positive change, and future-proof their organization 

YOOBIC Administrator of the Year

A highly engaged admin user who demonstrates unparalleled mastery of the YOOBIC platform, going above and beyond to push its limits and uncover its full potential

District Leader of the Year

A District/Regional/Area Manager who has effectively used YOOBIC to improve interactions with their store teams (site visits, coaching, coms, training, etc), resulting in increased engagement and performance

Frontline Hero of the Year

A frontline employee who has consistently used YOOBIC to increase the overall performance, efficiency and engagement of their location and teams

Frontline Excellence Advocate of the Year

An individual that embodies frontline excellence, acting as an advocate for the employee experience and operational excellence to increase business performance and enhance the customer experience


Frontline Experience Program of the Year

A program that has driven an exceptional employee experience and and strong business impact by reducing complexity and successfully merging tools through its use of YOOBIC’s full capabilities and features

Communication Program of the Year

A program that has transformed the way the organization communicates with frontline teams to increase employee engagement and satisfaction

Learning Program of the Year

A program that successfully improved the level of adoption and frequency of training for frontline teams

Operational Excellence Program of the Year

A program that successfully increased the level of operational excellence within the organization

Project Launch of the Year

A team that performed a highly successful YOOBIC launch, incorporating strategic activities that helped foster engagement among users

Global Roll-Out of the Year

An organization that has successfully launched YOOBIC globally, across multiple regions and in different languages

Download a PDF of the Award Categories here. 

How It Works

Who is Eligible
to Win?

  • Current YOOBIC customers who have frontline teams using our platform

  • Frontline leaders, managers, team members, and entire teams (including self-nominations!)

  • Nominees who agree to be mentioned publicly if they win

What is the Nomination Process?

  • Complete the nomination form, briefly describing your nominee's achievements

  • Upload supporting documents or media to help showcase your nominee

  • Nominate in as many categories as you like, but submit a new form for each nomination

How are Winners Selected?

  • Winners are chosen by our distinguished jury of industry experts

  • The jury will evaluate on: relevance to the category; quality and clarity of the nomination; KPIs and business impact

  • Your organization can be named a winner in only one category

Meet the Jury


Sandra Campos

CEO (Former DVF), Founder of Fashion Launchpad, and Board Member of Big Lots Stores & PetMeds



Ron Thurston

Bestselling author of "Retail Pride", Global Top 100 Retail Influencer, and host of Retail in America.



Daniel Binder

Luxury and Travel Retail expert. Former Senior Executive at DFS (LVMH group) and Macy's



Emmanuel Aublet

Restaurant industry expert. Former President of Pizza Hut France and General Manager of Subway France.



Cathy Hotka

Founder of the NRF CIO Council and the Store Operations Council. 2023 Top Retail Influencer.



Andy Adcock

Food retail expert. Commercial executive, NED, and Senior Advisor at BCG.



Christel Grizaut

Senior Vice President Marketing at YOOBIC.



Vincent Gaugry

Global Head of Customer Success at YOOBIC



How can I enter the Frontline Excellence Awards?

Submit the nomination form here. Briefly describe your nominee's achievements and upload supporting documents or media to help showcase your nominee and wow our judges.

Who is eligible to win a Frontline Excellence Award?
  • Current YOOBIC customers who have frontline teams using our platform

  • Frontline leaders, managers, team members, and entire teams can be nominated. This includes self-nominations!

  • Nominees who agree to be mentioned publicly if they win (in a press release, on LinkedIn, etc.)

What is the deadline for submitting a nomination?

The deadline for submitting a nomination is May 26th, 2023. Winners will be announced June 13, 2023.

Where will the Frontline Excellence Awards be held?

There is no physical awards ceremony to attend. Award winners will be announced on the YOOBIC website and our LinkedIn. Winners will be notified through email. 

What is the difference between Individual and Team awards?

The award categories for individuals will celebrate the accomplishment of individual leaders and team members. The award categories for teams will celebrate successful projects and the teams who led and deployed them.

What are the awards categories?

You can see the full list here and download a PDF of the Award Categories here.

Can I make nominations in more than one category?

Yes! Nominate in as many categories as you like, but be sure to submit a new form for each nomination. Remember: your organization can be named a winner in only one category.

What information will I be asked to provide in the nomination form?

The nomination form includes 14 short questions about your nominee and the opportunity to upload supporting documents (presentation, video, photos, etc.) to help illustrate why your nominee should win the award. You’ll also provide your contact info so we can keep you informed of the outcome.

What can I do to make my nomination really shine?

Our jury will evaluate all nominations for relevance to the award category; quality and clarity of the nomination; and business impact and KPIs. So take care to submit a detailed nomination! 

We highly encourage you to provide supporting documents with your nomination, such as video, PowerPoint presentation, or other materials that showcases how your nominee meets the criteria. It’s no coincidence that many of last year’s winning nominations also included supporting documents.

Do nominations and supporting documents have to be submitted in English?

We accept nomination forms in English only. However, attached supporting documents (presentation, video, photos, etc.) can be in your local language, as long as the content is self-explanatory. (For example, a video or a PPT with graphs and charts.)

Does it cost anything to enter and win?

No! Participation in the Frontline Excellence Awards is entirely free.

How many winners will be recognized?

Our jury will select one winner for each award category. There are 6 Individual categories and 6 Team categories, for a total of 12 awards.

What is the prize for winning?

Each award winner will receive a custom engraved award, a feature interview broadcasted on YOOBIC’s digital channels, a high-quality printed award certificate, and a digital promotion package to share the news with your audience!

How will winners be selected?

Nominations will be evaluated by our jury based on three main criteria:

  • Relevance to the award category
  • Quality and clarity of the nomination
  • Business impact and KPIs
Where can I find the results of the 2023 Frontline Excellence Awards?

Winners will be announced June 13th, 2023, on the YOOBIC website and LinkedIn. We will also contact nominators by email to share the results.




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