2023 will be the year of the Frontline Employee Experience - Are you ready?

Top retail businesses — like Aeropostale, GANT, Logitech, Peloton, and UNTUCKit — are already planning for the future by transforming their operations and reshaping their frontline experience with a Frontline Employee Experience Platform (FEXP).

We’ve created a new guide that lays out exactly what retailers need to know about Frontline Employee Experience Platforms.

Download the Complete Guide to FEXPs to learn:

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What’s a Frontline Employee Experience Platform and its use cases

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Unbiased guidelines for choosing the right platform for your team


Best practices from industry leaders who’ve already deployed one

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The specific metrics for measuring the ROI of an FEXP

Ready to join the FEXP hype?


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Restaurant digital transformation made easy


Employee Communication

Helps communication leaders transform their workplace into an inclusive and engaged community driving employee retention and better customer service.

Top use cases:

  • Internal & operational communications
  • Employee engagement, recognition & motivation
  • Critical crisis communications

Mobile Learning

Helps L&D leaders develop, recognize, and retain frontline teams’ talents, boosting customer experience and revenue.

Top use cases:

  • Onboarding
  • Knowledge management, retention & upskilling
  • Performance-related training
  • Risk-related training

Task Management

Helps operational leaders elevate employee productivity and experience, increasing customer service and sales while reducing operational costs.

Top use cases:

  • Task management & prioritization
  • Checklists & routines
  • Site visits & audits
  • Visual Merchandising execution